Mission and Vision


To be one of the most respected business organizations in East Africa


To pursue excellence in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism for the benefit of our clients, the community and environment.


To be one of Uganda’s leading institutions in the building and construction industry, distributing affordable high quality products for both local and international consumption.


Alam Group’s primary focus is on the Manufacturing sector and this has enabled it to make great inroads in industrial production in Uganda.

We wish to congratulate our staff for the hard work and team spirit which has made it possible to achieve our present status, and continued to boost our companies into the new millennium, to meet the new challenges such as regional markets, as well as the competitive forces that came along with it. Our focus will be to excel in the fields we are in, by paying particular attention to the minute detail, keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Our values will be to fulfill all our commitments regardless of the consequences. We thrive on challenging opportunities, and continue to inject new capital towards technology. Our purpose is to grow consistently and meet all of our customer's needs.

About us
Alam Group of Companies has been in existence for over half a century and is primarily involved in the building and construction industry. Founded by Manzur Alam, from whom it draws its initials, the company has grown business tentacles with the very aim of serving the building, mechanical and construction industry of East Africa wholesomely.
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